What to Wear?


Duffy Primary School uniform is preferred dress for preschool children.


The School Board endorses the wearing of uniform as it is part of the school ethos of helping to create a sense of belonging and pride in the school and to engender a positive school spirit.

A variety of good quality uniform items are available for purchase from the Uniform Shop. Please order by going to www.Flexischools.com.au Orders will be held up at the front office for collection Mon-Fri. Alternately, the Uniform shop opens Wednesday 8:30-9am and Friday 9-15am.

School Polo Shirts

The school shirt colours are dark green or white, available in short or long sleeves.

School Jumper and Jackets

School jumpers, jackets and vests are dark green. The school jacket and jumper has the school logo embroidered on the left side. A plain or generic version that adheres to the school colour is acceptable.

School Pants, Shorts, Skorts and Skirts

School pants, shorts, skorts and skirts should be ark green. All shorts and skirts must be at least mid-thigh in length. Short skirts and denim shorts are unacceptable. The summer school dress is a green/white check dress, and the winter tunic is a dark green.

School Hat

In keeping with the sun safe policy, children will be required to wear a broad brim sun safe hat. School hats are dark green in colour.


School shoes and neat covered runners/sneakers are considered acceptable and safe footwear.

Ugg boots, slippers, thongs and crocs are not appropriate footwear unless advised by teachers for a special event. Gum boots are acceptable for rainy days only.

Duffy Uniform