What to Pack?

What to pack (preschool)

A backpack big enough to hold all essential items including lunchbox, drink bottle and any clothing like jumpers and jackets that may be taken off throughout the day.

The essential things to pack in this bag are:

It is really helpful in the early weeks to make sure that your child is familiar with their snack, lunch box and drink bottle. You may like to practise opening and closing containers in the weeks leading up to starting preschool so your child can independently access their food.

Please note: Duffy Primary School is an anaphylaxis aware school due to the inclusion of students with life threatening anaphylactic allergic conditions.
We provide protection for children who have severe allergic reactions to certain foods. Parents are asked to provide nut free food for their child’s recess and lunch. This includes Nutella, peanut butter sandwiches and nut protein bars.

To view the ACT Education Directorate policies, visit: https://www.education.act.gov.au/