Duffy Lingo

Important lingo and information about Duffy Primary school.


Blacktop - this is the main school quadrangle with basketballs hoops. The blacktop can be accessed by walking past the kindergarten rooms and turning right down the little pathway between the buildings.

Junior blacktop – the covered area on the junior playground outside the kindergarten classroom and junior toilets.

Monday Morning WOW (What’s on Weekly)- this is like a mini assembly with student specific announcements held on the blacktop on Monday mornings when the bell rings. WOW usually runs for around five minutes and is run by the year six leadership crew. Parents are welcome to attend but should stand at the back/side and only observe.

Spirit Points - these are allocated to children by teachers for extra effort in class, exemplifying school values etc. They’re marked against the student’s name where they accrue. At 60 points students receive a bronze award, at 120 a silver award and at 180 a gold award.

Focus Student – Each child has an allocated day once a fortnight in which they are a focus student. In junior school when they are a focus student they will share and reflect on learning from investigations sessions. In senior school……. In some classes the focus student is also responsible for completing class jobs on their allocated day.


If you need to collect your child from school during the day, try to avoid doing so during these times as they will be very difficult to find on the playground.