Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Policies are used to guide Directorate procedures and provide consistent information to stakeholders. Policies succinctly articulate the Directorate's position, provide a framework for action and ensure a consistent approach to our day-to-day activities and decision-making. Schools use policies as a basis to develop school-based procedures that reflect the individual needs of their community. Policies may be supported by procedures that reflect the individual needs of schools. Policies may be supported by procedures, manuals or guidelines.

Many Directorate policies have related procedures or guidelines for the use of Directorate officers in the implementation of policies. The Education and Training Directorate is committed to implementing policies that:

For more information about Directorate policies, please telephone (02) 6205 9185 or visit the Education and Training Directorate website.

Preschool policy and procedures

Policies and procedures specific to Preschool can be found on the Our Preschool page.

School Counselling Service

A part-time school psychologist is appointed to the school. The work of the psychologist involves educational, personal and emotional assessment of the child. Children are referred to the psychologist by teachers and/or parents if a problem is presenting itself in any of these areas. The psychologist liaises closely with parents, teachers and the leadership team of the school.