School P&C

Who are we?

The Duffy Primary Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association (the Association) is the focal point for parent involvement at the school and provides a place for parents to discuss and debate matters of interest relating to the school and community.

All parents or guardians of children at Duffy Primary School are automatically members of the P&C.

The P&C holds two meetings per term throughout the school year. All parents and carers are welcome to attend, hear about what is happening around the school, propose ideas and participate.

Each February, an Annual General Meeting is held and an executive committee is appointed. Nominations and votes come from members who attend that meeting.The executive committee oversees the Association's operation while coordinators look after each of the services that the P&C provides.

What we do?

The P&C provides strong community support for the school by encouraging parents to be involved in the workings of the school.

We run many events and provide a number of services for students and families. These include:

The proceeds from fundraising activities provide substantial support in supplementing the school's budget and allowing innovative programs to commence, continue, and expand.

Helping out

The P&C values the rich diversity of skills and experiences that each family brings to the school. We appreciate any help that families are able to offer.

Ways you can help include:

To find a job that suits, you might like to come along to a P&C meeting or join our email distribution list.

Benefits of participating

P&C activities create opportunities for parents and carers, students and staff to interact, building a feeling of respect and a stronger, safer, school community.

When you participate, you benefit by:

Your children will benefit too. Research shows that when parents are involved, students get better grades, have a better attitude to school and improved behaviour!


To find out more about your P&C:

visit our website: Duffy Primary School P&C website

our Facebook page: Duffy Primary Parents and Citizens Association Facebook page

or email:

The P&C also has an email distribution list which we use to send information and occasional calls for help. To join the list, you can sign up directly on our website or send a request to the P&C Secretary email