Uniform Shop

The School Board endorses the wearing of uniform as it is part of the school ethos of helping to create a sense of belonging and pride in the school and so engender a positive school spirit.

Whilst wearing of uniform is not compulsory, students at Duffy Primary School are encouraged to wear their school uniform or school colours each day.

Students must be in uniform when attending excursions or outside events; this is to ensure their safety. When parents complete permission notes for excursions or school events, they are acknowledging this requirement. Refunds may not be available if students do not comply with the uniform rule or if late notice is given of withdrawal from excursions or events.

A variety of good quality uniform items are available for purchase from the Uniform Shop. Please order by going to www.Flexischools.com.au Orders will be held up at the front office for collection Mon-Fri. Alternately, the Uniform shop opens Wednesday 8:30-9am and Friday 9-15am.

Duffy Uniform