School Philosophy

Our shared vision is to provide a secure and caring environment where children, teachers and parents can work harmoniously and productively as a team. Children are respected and their individuality encouraged and supported.

School Values


Respect at Duffy Primary School means treating others with the sensitivity, courtesy and understanding we would wish for ourselves, and recognising that everyone has something to offer.

  • We take pride in our work
  • We value and acknowledge the contribution of others
  • We value diversity
  • We relate to people in a fair, decent and caring manner

Responsibility is taking ownership of our words, thoughts, actions and results. It means that if I say I will do something, then I will. If I think I should do something, then I will and if something goes wrong, I will work to fix it.

  • We embrace challenges with agility and purpose
  • We take ownership of decisions and learn from experiences
  • We work together to resolve problems if they arise

Inclusivity is ensuring all students, teachers and the community have a sense of belonging to Duffy Primary School. We know that individuals are strengthened by valuing those around us and that we learn from and with everyone.

  • We inspire others to fulfil their potential
  • We act with empathy and value and promote equity
  • We build partnerships that create opportunities

School Philosophy

Our school values underpin our school philosophy of, in partnership we foster equity, excellence and esteem

Duffy Primary School is committed to:

  • providing educational programs and facilities of the highest quality
  • providing a contemporary curriculum based on the Australian Curriculum
  • meeting the academic, social and emotional needs of its students
  • students developing self discipline with an appreciation and understanding of the needs of others
  • students developing an understanding of local and global issues
  • embedding Information Communication Technologies (ICT) into teaching and learning
  • working in partnership with parents in the development of a learning community.