Our Preschool

Preschool Philosophy Statement

Duffy Preschool provides a secure, respectful and nurturing environment that encompasses our school values of respect, responsible and inclusive.

We understand and value that children are unique and bring a diverse range of strengths, interests and experiences to our community.

We believe that children are capable of reflecting upon and making decisions about things that involve them, while recognising that their actions have purpose and consequences.

Educators recognise the importance of observing and reflecting on children's interactions to influence future learning opportunities. We appreciate the learning styles of individual children and celebrate all avenues of participation.

Our early childhood curriculum is embedded through a play-based approach, intentional interactions and authentic learning experiences, which is strengthened through the adoption of the principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework.We foster positive partnerships with families and work collaboratively to ensure a team approach that not only benefits each child but also strengthens the whole Duffy Primary School community.

Preschool Handbook

The preschool handbook for parents is a summary document of key information about our preschool, please contact the school if you have any questions regarding preschool.

Session times

Bilbies and Echidnas: Monday, Tuesday and odd week Wednesdays 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Joeys: Thursday, Friday and even week Wednesdays 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Preschool policies and procedures

Duffy Preschool policies and procedures are available for viewing by parents and carers at any time. The Education and Services National Law and Regulations are also available onsite. Please ask a staff member. Further information about the Education and Services National Law and Regulations can be found at: http://www.det.act.gov.au/childrens_policy_and_regulation/legislation

The ACT Education and Training Directorate policies are also available at: http://www.det.act.gov.au/publications_and_policies/policy_a-z

Policy AreaCorresponding Regulation(s)Education and Training Directorate Policy/ProcedureDuffy Preschool Procedures and PoliciesDuffy Preschool Supporting Documentation
Nutrition, Food and Beverages, Dietary Requirements168Food and drink policy Nutrition and food safety procedure

Hand hygiene procedure

Nutrition policy
Policy fact sheets

Hand hygiene fact sheet

Preschool handbook
Sun Protection168 Extreme weather procedureDuffy Sun Smart Policy
Water Safety168Swimming pool and water park aquatic activities Duffy water safety procedure 
Incident, Injury, Trauma, Illness168,85,86,87,88Responding to student accident/incident policy

Infectious diseases - outbreak procedures and exclusions periods
First aid procedures including accident and injury

Unwell child procedure
Incident, injury, trauma and illness record

Student accident/incident report form (ETD)
Medical Conditions168, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96Management of eating and drinking support in ACT Public Schools Medical alert board treatment planMedical alerts (MAZE database)

Risk minimisation plans
First Aid168, 89First aid policy (health and safety)

Administration of student medication and complex health care procedures
Administration of medication procedure

First aid-accident and injury procedure
Incident, injury, trauma and illness record
Emergency and Evacuation168, 97Temporary closures of schools policy

Critical/non-critical incident management and reporting policy
Duffy Primary and Preschool emergency management proceduresDuffy Primary and Preschool emergency evacuation and lockdown procedures

Record of emergency rehearsals
Delivery and Collection of Children168, 99 Delivery and collection of children policy

Delivery and collection of children procedure

Late collection procedure

Obtaining authorisation procedure
Late arrival/early departure books

Additional authorisation forms
Excursions168, 100, 102Excursion policy  Duffy excursion checklists

Excursion risk assessment form
Providing a Child Safe Environment168Child protection and reporting child abuse and neglect policyIndoor and outdoor safety checklists

Preschool safety reports

School safety checks
Staff records
Staffing168Teachers code of professional practice (ETD)

ACT Public Service code of conduct

Early Childhood Australia code of ethics
 Staff induction checklists and packs
Interactions With Children168, 155, 156Working with children and young people - volunteers and visitorsInteractions with children policyVolunteer register

Induction checklists and packs
Enrolment and Orientation168

Education participation (enrolment and attendance)

Getting to know you interviews

Welcome to Preschool pack

Transition procedures
Preschool handbook

Preschool information session
Governance and Management168Access student records policyMAZE database

Student official file records
Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations168 Acceptance and refusal of authorisations procedures 
Payment of Fees168  Duffy Primary School voluntary contributions statement
Dealing With Complaints168Complaints policy Contact information on prescribed information for display 
Determining the Responsible Person168 Determining the responsible person policyStaff records
Dealing With Infectious Diseases 

Infectious diseases - outbreak procedures and exclusion periods

Head lice policy

Hygiene procedure

Safely dealing with spills of body fluids procedure

Toileting and nappy change procedure

Management of playdough