School Board

2018 Board Photo

Parent Reps

Kelly Teagle- Board Chair

My family joined the Duffy community in the last few years. My daughter Bella will graduate from year 6 in 2018 and son Alex will be in year 4, 2019. You’ll notice them participating particularly in soccer (both indoor and outdoor), band (Bella) and Taekwando (Alex). We are also keen on snowsports and hanging out at Kioloa Beach with our dogs. We love our school, and in my role on the Board I have been privileged to learn a lot about what goes on “in the background” to make sure our children receive the highest quality educational and social experiences possible. The Board Chair job will be handed on to one of the blokes below in April 2019, but in the meantime please contact me or come over for a chat in the school ground if you have any issues you’d like discussed at Board.

Osman Mewett

I am the proud Dad of two lovely daughters. Adele is in Grade 2 (2019) at Duffy Primary and my younger daughter will be starting at Duffy preschool in the next couple of years. I wanted to make a contribution to the school community and the Board provides me with the best opportunity to do so. When I'm not busy being a Dad, I'm passionate about cricket, mountain biking, the Brumbies and trying to grow my own vegetables. My professional tertiary qualifications are in plant molecular biology and law; and I am a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. In my day job, I am Director of Crop Biotechnology Policy at CropLife Australia and also serve as Company Secretary to CropLife's wholly-owned subsidiary, Agsafe Ltd. I am also an appointed member of the ACT's Gene Technology Advisory Council.

Denis Mungoven. I am the father of Eddie (Yr6/ 2019), Jim (Yr4) and Barney (Yr2). I have joined the school board so I can help to make a positive contribution to Duffy Primary School. I am particularly interested in the physical and health education for our kids. I currently work as a Paramedic with the ACT Ambulance Service and am married to Alison.  Please feel free to approach me and let me know if you have any issues or questions regarding the board.

Teacher Reps:  Cindie Deeker (Principal), Jessica Symonds and Vicki Shaw Board Secretary/ Business Manager Alice Lollback

School Board Functions: (from ACT Education Directorate)

  • Establish strategic direction and priorities
  • Monitor, review and report on school performance
  • Approve, monitor and review the school budget, ensuring it is aligned with school priorities
  • Develop relationships between the school and community